SAME DAY CROWNS in Castle Rock, CO

When a person has a damaged tooth, a cap can be made to cover it. This is called a crown. In the past, to have this procedure required a dentist to remove any decay from a tooth with a drill and then shape the person’s tooth for a crown. The time involved with having this done was at least two visits to the dentist as well as waiting a certain amount of time for a dental lab to make the crown. Things have changed. There is now a computer system available to provide dental patients with crowns in a single day. The Planmeca PlanScan is one of the systems able to make this type of dentistry possible.


A dentist will prepare the damaged tooth using traditional methods. No impression of the tooth needs to be taken. The next step is to make a digital image of the tooth. This will be done utilizing a special camera. The digital image will be viewed on a flat video screen located next to the dental chair. This is done so the dentist can control the design of the crown. Once this is complete, the newly designed tooth image will be sent to a machine. It will create a crown based on the exact specifications determined by the dentist. The software will send the image to a milling machine. This is when the crown is created out of a block of composite resin or ceramic. Stains and glazes can be heated onto the surface of newly created crowns to match the color of surrounding teeth. It is also possible to simulate surrounding teeth by painting on color with small brushes. The last step will involve attaching the new crown to the damaged tooth. The dentist will make certain the crown looks good next to the patient’s other teeth. Depending on the level of tooth damage, the entire process of creating a new crown can take less than ten minutes.


One of the main benefits for dental patients getting their crowns on the same day is convenience and the time it saves them. There will no longer be a need for multiple dentist visits to get a crown. The entire procedure can be completed in just one dental visit. A single procedure means only one set of injections needs to be used. This will reduce patient stress. It also eliminates the need for a dentist to put in a temporary crown until the permanent one returns from the lab. Temporary crowns have a history of falling off and causing problems for patients. The material used with the new crown procedure is stronger. It has been designed to last longer.

Cost Effective

A crown created in one day will not cost any more than a traditional crown. The reason is the machines used will save the dental office money spent on lab costs. There have been a number of studies done concerning computer-assisted dental restorations. The results have shown the crowns produced fit well. They have an impressive longevity. A dentist is also better able to provide a particular cosmetic appearance that may be desired.


Same day crowns have the same characteristics as the enamel on teeth. The equipment used to produce the crown is at the dentist’s office. This mean any necessary corrections can be done immediately. Same day crowns are less prone to breaking or having other types of restoration flaws. Patients claim the crowns feel natural, and they enjoy the smooth polished surfaces. The procedure has been designed so there will be no problems when a patient has sensitive teeth. These crowns are also able to be fitted, so they can match a person’s bite.

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