Biologic Orthodontic Therapy integrates the art and science of creating beautiful faces, smiles and optimal biology into the practice of contemporary orthodontics. Biologic Orthodontics is about more than just straight teeth. Biologic Orthodontics takes the entire chewing system into account. Unlike traditional orthodontics, which focuses on aligning crooked or uneven teeth, Biologic Orthodontics incorporates thorough diagnosis and treatment of the entire chewing system to create the healthy, beautiful and functional results that nature intended.

Dr. Haws will integrate the most comprehensive examination and diagnostic protocols utilized in orthodontics and dentistry today. This process allows the Biologic Orthodontic professional to ward off potential chewing system problems and intervene as early as possible.

Our approach allows children and adults alike to receive conservative treatment solutions, which often eliminate the need for tooth extractions, surgery and/or cosmetic cover-ups.

Early Treatment

At Dentistry at Happy Canyon, we believe that the most important thing for orthodontics in developing kids is first make sure they have an open airway! Next we get the front teeth to touch properly (coupling) and then allow the tongue and proper swallowing mechanism to become nature’s best orthodontist.

Here at Dentistry at Happy Canyon we do initial airway screenings for kids beginning at ages 4-6. We also do “Home Sleep Studies” to determine if kids airways are supplying enough oxygen to make sure they are not experiencing any sleep apnea problems. Sufficient airway allows for complete rest during sleep and proper orthopedic development of both jaws. We believe many ADD/ADHD diagnoses are actually airway issues. We work closely with Ear, Nose and Throat specialists to make sure kids’ airways are healthy!

Adult Treatment

Biologic Orthodontic Treatment works with all of the natural forces of the entire chewing system. This way, teeth are straightened while the entire face and jaw reach their optimal positions. This treatment is sometimes necessary for adults, even if they have undergone orthodontics during adolescence. Come to our Castle Rock, CO dentists for biological orthodontics that are successful by restoring balance to the chewing system, which will provide your best look, feel and function for a lifetime.

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