Traditional orthodontics is mainly concerned with just straightening teeth. Dr. Haws wants to do more for his patients in Castle Rock, CO. Biologic Orthodontics Therapy by Dr. Haws encompasses the entire chewing system, which includes:

  • Optimum airway space to provide for proper growth, development and function
  • The health and function of the jaw joints (TMJs)
  • Neuromuscular physiology
  • Airway, speech, tongue and lips
  • Upper and lower jaw relationships to the skull
  • The bone and gums that support the teeth
  • Smile and facial esthetics
  • Longevity and lasting natural beauty of tooth form and function
  • The overall relationship of the head and neck to the entire body
  • Precise alignment and arrangement of teeth for proper function

Unlike traditional orthodontics, Biologic Orthodontic Therapy also addresses the causes of tooth wear, misaligned bites (occlusion) and other chewing system problems, rather than just cosmetically treating the teeth and smile.

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