Our Castle Rock, CO orthodontics care offers amazing science to help patients on a functional level. Biologic orthodontics is a holistic approach that looks at all factors affecting the alignment of teeth, in order to restore balance and harmony to the head and neck system. By restructuring not only tooth alignment but the entire jaw system, we improve your chewing function for life.

Orthodontic corrections are easier to implement with a proper chewing system. Why work on one area if the whole interconnected system is off-balance and will eventually need adjustment for comfortable mechanics, speech and chewing? Dr. Haws’s extensive experience on the relationship of the face, jaw and muscles, sets our orthodontic diagnosis and treatment apart.

For your most comfortable and efficient bite along with ideal Castle Rock, CO orthodontics, you can rely upon the specialized expertise of Dentistry at Happy Canyon.

What Sets Our Treatment Apart?

Castle Rock, CO orthodontics – For your most comfortable and efficient bite along with ideal motion, you can rely upon the specialized expertise of Dentistry at Happy Canyon.


Our mission is to nurture the spirit of every individual we touch. We are dedicated to improvement, innovation, integrity and excellence in everything that we do. We are not a volume practice treating multitudes of patients per day. We are a small practice dedicated to serving you with excellence in every facet of your dental experience with us. We promise we will take the time necessary to build lasting relationships with all our patients and their family members.

Dr. Haws has years of experience in occlusion (bite disorders). Temporomandibular (TMJ/TMD) joint disorders combined with biologic orthodontics is just one of many of our passions, along with sedation dentistry, implants, orthodontics and general dentistry.
Our mission is to change the standard of care in traditional orthodontics. We believe that traditional orthodontics for children is mainly concerned with straight teeth, lacking the biologic function of the chewing system. Diagnosing and treating biologically must include the entire system and not be isolated to just the smile.

Our Comprehensive Diagnostic and Treatment Planning process allows Dr. Haws to ward off potential chewing system problems and intervene as early as possible. We incorporate SCP, Stable Condylar Position, (stabilized jaw joint position) as the foundation for all diagnosis and treatment planning. We utilize diagnostic models mounted on a chewing simulator to analyze each patient?s physiologic bite and chewing positions.

We were one of the first offices nationally to incorporate CBCT (cone beam CAT scan) technology for TMJ treatment (temporomandibular joints). Our 6-D digital cephalometrics and facial esthetic analysis is trademarked, copyrighted and unique to all of dentistry.

Topics To Consider About Orthodontics

Biologic vs Traditional Orthodontics

Biologic vs Traditional Orthodontics