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Don’t let miss teeth ruin your confidence or take a toll on your oral health. Dr. Travis Haws offers the latest technology and quality of dental implants in Castle Pines. He can help you restore your smile with the best dental implants available.

Dr. Haws offers affordable dental implant surgery to patients in Douglas County. As part of his process to put your dental implant in place, Dr. Haws performs the surgery himself to place the implant, then he will place the crown himself. This ensures that you’ll have your dental implants placed with extreme care and the highest technical knowledge of the process.

As a patient of Dr. Haws, not only do you get the peace of mind that comes with a caring and skilled dentist, you’ll be privilege to the latest and greatest in affordable dental implants. Dentistry at Happy Canyon offers the highly acclaimed Straumann SLActive implant technology. After undergoing dental implant surgery with this reliable and versatile system, you’ll enjoys the benefits of a significantly shorter recovery time and an accelerated rate of connection between the implant and bone, which increases the likelihood of the bone accepting the dental implant. SLActive dental implants are specifically designed to provide patients with improved healing potential and an increased level of performance, even in patients with compromised health.

Dentistry at Happy Canyon and Dr. Haws is sure to be your best choice for dental implants near Castle Rock. In addition to his 20 years of experience in the Denver area, Dr. Haws was an implant consultant for Dentsply/Friadent and traveled to Germany to increase his knowledge of placing and restoring dental implants. With his knowledge, expertise, and experience, Dr. Haws offers quality and comfortable treatment with dental implant surgery. Dr. Haws and the staff at Dentistry at Happy Canyon, care about you and your future, so we offer the best dental implants that will last the test of time. With durable dental crowns and optional porcelain teeth implants, you’ll continue to look and feel great over the years with your dental implants.

It is of vital importance that you fully understand the dental implant process, because your best chance to regaining excellent oral health can be a long, difficult journey. Call or contact us online today with your questions regarding dental implants, or to schedule your next dental appointment with Dr. Haws and Dentistry at Happy Canyon. You can find our office located at 858 W. Happy Canyon Rd. #135 Castle Pines, CO 80108. Dr. Haws and his friendly staff are eager and waiting to help you get back your confidence and improve your oral health.

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