Crowns and bridges have long been a big part of dental restorations, but the materials and techniques have dramatically improved. Porcelain, a more favorable treatment choice for crowns in Castle Rock, CO, provides a metal-free esthetic option. Instead of the former standard of porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns, porcelain crowns and bridges have life-like properties.

Dentistry at Happy Canyon can match porcelain to look great along with your other teeth. The porcelain material is highly polished to gleam brightly, like a natural tooth. Previously, metals were used which contained potentially harmful mercury and often discolored the gum line. Neither of these concerns apply to porcelain crowns and bridges, making them a great choice.


Crowns are the top, visible portion of the tooth replacing the natural tooth surface which has undergone decay or damage. Crowns are custom fabricated in our dental lab to perfectly fit your mouth and bite and to act just like a real tooth. A crown from Castle Rock, CO Dr. Haws, allows you to preserve your natural roots and bolster the strength, function and looks of your smile.


Bridges are one of several options utilized to replace a tooth. By adhering to adjacent teeth surrounding the missing tooth, bridges fill the gap with a cosmetic tooth held strongly in place. You have several options to replace missing teeth, and a bridge is one of the least invasive, most comfortable tooth replacement procedures. Regain pride in your appearance while you maintain jaw bone density and full function from all of your teeth.

Call us about Castle Rock, CO crowns and bridges, to see what they can do for your smile. Our dental office is here to deliver you the finest dentistry.

When extensive restoration work must be done, learn how root canals and full mouth rejuvenation can restore your smile’s health and beauty.

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