Your teeth and bite are very important to self-esteem, appearance, chewing and speaking. Full mouth rejuvenation, also known as full mouth reconstruction, is an excellent option for patients with complex dental needs.

Everyone can enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile. Full mouth rejuvenation can correct many challenges, leaving you with a fully functional, strong and healthy mouth to be proud of. It is more than cosmetic work, although it can include any amount of cosmetic work in order to restore your smile. Full mouth rejuvenation also addresses your bite, also known as your occlusion.

This smile makeover addresses teeth and/or jaws that have endured trauma, disease or decay, and it is very important to overcome these issues as soon as possible. With tooth loss, jaw bone density recedes and will never come back. Our Castle Rock, CO dentist’s expertise is great for procedures such as full mouth rejuvenation, can stop and preserve vital jaw bone density if treated in time. You may see far-reaching health effects, including the improvement of conditions you would have never imagined were related to your dental problems.

Our cosmetic dentistry work at Dentistry at Happy Canyon offers a comprehensive and reassuring full mouth rejuvenation process. We compassionately treat you as an individual and focus on your wants, desires and needs, in order to give you the best smile possible. With our full line of sedation dentistry and our ability to do full-service dental implants, you are closer than you realize to comfortably achieving a wonderfully healthy, strong and beautiful smile.

Dentistry has advanced rapidly, offering amazingly successful full mouth rejuvenation as part of our work in Castle Rock. The first step in your full mouth rejuvenation will be your initial consultation. We hope you will contact us and we’re confident that you will be pleased with the high level of our service. Call for your appointment today and learn what our new patient experience is all about!

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