How to Improve Your Smile Without Changing Your Teeth

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Your smile is one of the easiest ways to transmit your feelings. The old saying “it takes fewer muscles to frown than to smile” is actually not true as it was?scientifically proven by the University of Chicago Medical Center. If you look at the amount of muscles involved in a potential smile or frown, though facial expressions are complex, it takes one fewer muscle to frown than to smile. There are exactly 43 muscles in your face, and it takes 11 to frown and 12 to smile. Like any muscles, they can be worked out and exercised for?improvement, and facial muscles are no different. ?Below are some facial muscle exercises you can do to improve your smile, without doing anything to your teeth or gums.

Exercising your Facial Muscles

These exercises may look strange in public so doing them in the morning or evening after brushing your teeth is recommended. There are two different exercises that are recommended for working out the muscles in your face for a wider more improved smile. A pro-tip is to use lotion on your face before and after doing the workouts as this will prevent your face becoming dry.

Smile Exercise #1

Make a face like you are about to or are ready to whistle, similar to pursing your lips. When you do this make sure to ?to push your lips together and that you are tightening the muscles in your face. You should feel a little strain or tension across your face muscles. Once you get that feeling in the pose hold this for 10 seconds. You should do 10 repetitions of this either at one time or through out the day for a week.

An easy way to do this is to start the first week only doing the exercises in the evening when you brush your teeth. In the second week, increase your repetitions by doing it in both in the mornings and the evenings when you brush your teeth. At the end of two weeks, you should see an improvement in your face muscles and the wideness of your smile.

root-canalSmile Exercise #2

The second exercise opposite of pursing your lips is to smile as wide as you can. Again, like the first exercise you should feel some strain in your cheeks, these are the muscles work, if you don’t feel that try to smile wider until you can. This pose should be held for 15 seconds, and just like the first exercise, repeated 10 times a day. Do this for a least a week and then increase your repetitions. It is recommended to do 20 repetitions in the second week if you can. This exercise can be done at the same time as the first pursing exercise.

How do I know my smile is good?

If you a wondering if your muscles could use a workout or not, there is an easy way to judge this. If you take your longest finger, normally your middle finger but you can also use your index finger, it should?span across your face from end to end. If your smile isn’t as wide as your longest finger, it can definitely be improved even though many?people are surprised that?their smile can be better. Give it a try!

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