5 Types of Food That Will Stain Your Teeth

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In today’s world, teeth whitening is so very important to so many people. ?You see advertisements for it everywhere and you see toothpaste with whitener added into the toothpaste in almost all brands. ?Did you ever think to just avoid an over abundance of certain?items to keep you teeth white? Some items?that will stain your teeth are color intensified consumables. For some consumables they naturally have intense color to them to affect your enamel, others are artificially intensified.?A good rule of thumb is, if you are worried about it getting the item on your clothes or furniture then it most likely affects your teeth and may stain them. Below are the top worst foods, drinks and consumables for tooth discoloring.

1) Coffee & Tea

coffee-cupMany of us start the morning and have our cup of coffee or tea to get us going and that is not a bad thing. ?However, coffee and tea are known to stain teeth worse with more exposure. If you consume tea and coffee regularity through out the day this could be a way to improve your teeth by reducing the amount you drink daily. You can also reduce the effects by adding creamer to the coffee or tea to lessen its intensity. ?Darker teas and coffees will have harsher effects on your smile. If you are looking to cut coffee or tea out entirely try a natural morning waking substitute like apple juice. The natural sugars in apple juice will get you moving and help make your smile whiter because it isn’t coffee.

2) Cigarettes, Cigars & Chewing Tobacco

cigarThough tobacco isn’t a “food” per se but it’s?a consumable and one that many Americans use. Tobacco in any form is bad for your teeth. ?We all know how bad it is for your health in general, but it will stain your teeth terribly. ?The worst part of tobacco is not only will it stain your teeth, but the?habit of smoking or chewing tobacco, causes the?person to continually expose the teeth to the staining process. Similar to coffee or tea tobacco is a ground substance that can easily stain especially when exposed to water, this is why chewing tobacco is listed with cigars and cigarettes. If you are looking for another reason to stop the bad habit of smoking, be reducing or completely stopping you will improve your teeth whiteness as well.

3) Red Wines

red-wineWe all know that red wines can create very difficult stains in our clothes and furniture. Knowing this wines especially dark or red wines are huge problems to staining teeth. ?For most people wine is less habitual than coffee drinking or smoking, but it can still have an effect on teeth whiteness. Many of us love to drink our wine, but to keep our teeth “pearly white” ?we must limit ourselves to how much we drink, a glass of red wine is okay as long as you brush your teeth later. If you regularly drink wine this could be having a larger affect on your teeth whiteness,??a solution is to switch to a white wine or lighter wine.

4) Soft Drinks: Soda, Cola, Pop

Food coloring that is used in soda, especially the colored or dark ones is very bad for staining teeth.?Especially if you wear braces, drinking soda with braces will leave permanent marks on your teeth. ?Unfortunately, ?sports drinks also fall under this category. ?If you must have a soda or a sports drink, try having the lighter ones, with little or no caffeine in them. ?Another suggestion if you must have your sodas or sports drink is to drink them with a straw, this will help the drink to somewhat bypass the teeth and will make the stains lessened.

5) Processed Foods

Yes, those wonderful, comforting and satisfying foods that we all love to snack on are not good for keeping our teeth white. ?The coloring that is used in the processing to make the food look more appetizing and the chemicals used to keep the food from going bad, or tasting good affect?teeth stains. ?If you question this, try eating a hand full or a small bag of chips, then look at your teeth, you will notice they very much resemble the color of the chips. The food coloring used in many processed foods are intense enough to stain the foods, meaning they will have a similar affect on your smile. By no means should you not indulge in the occasional processed food but consuming them in moderation will help to reduce the affects of staining.

….And Don’t Forget to Brush Your Teeth

The consumables that affect the color of your teeth are likely suspects but also indulgences that may happen more or less often. If you are looking to have your indulgence but reduce the affect of the teeth staining be sure to brush your teeth after eating or drinking these items. It will greatly reduce the affect of the active ingredients staining your teeth.


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