4 Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked

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teeth-whiteningThese days, when whitening is such a prevalent part of dentistry and home oral care, you can?find more than enough products to ponder all over the internet, and even in your local stores; but of?those products and all the scary myths along with them, what really works? We?re here to debunk the?most common myths, and put you on the right path for YOUR whiter teeth.

1) Ingredients used for teeth whitening, are they harmful?

Possibly scariest concern to the consumer; not all teeth whiteners will hurt your teeth and?irritate your gums with their insane amounts of bleach and acids. In fact, many whitening products have?now switched over to a natural whitening ingredient that is easier on your teeth and actually promotes?healthy gum maintenance and stronger enamel.

2) Do I need to visit the dentist for teeth whitening?

A myth commonly heard from most people, is that you absolutely have to go to a Dentist?to have your teeth whitened properly. While this may have been true 8 years ago, it is not so true now. It is never a bad idea to consult your dentist as to what option might be the best for your teeth but, with many over the counter products available at your local Super center, you can find just about any?product that strikes your fancy. Will it save you a bit of cash from the Dentist? Yes and no. Some trays,?strips and gels can come in fairly reasonable, but there are also many others out there that will break?the bank almost as much as that Mid Life crisis car you bought last year.

3) Is there a whitening solution for veneers or implants too?

Another common myth may apply mostly to Hockey Players who were too tough to wear their?masks, but for those of you who have lost teeth due to other reasons and have Veneers or implants, whitening can?work for you too! Because whitening is truthfully a bleaching process that uses different chemicals, and?in many cases, natural products; it works the same as bleaching the laundry load of whites.

4) Are there any home remedies that work for teeth whitening?

Often heard, is the use of natural home products to whiten your teeth. Whether?it be olive oil, an orange peel, or baking soda and water, chances are, you are wasting your time. While some people may have complete faith in them, most studies will show that none of these products actually work. They normally produce more of a placebo effect.

While you may feel better about yourself, it would be best go to the store and pick up a well-known brand such as Crest Power Strips, Oral- B, or a new?product, Power Swabs. These products are made specifically for teeth whitening and in this case far more effective than the home remedy alternatives.

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