3 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

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Most parents know just how difficult it can be to convince their children to take baths regularly, eat their veggies and brush their teeth on a daily basis. Some kids may not receive the teeth brushing ritual with great enthusiasm. Nonetheless, perseverance and a few tips and tricks on how to make this routine more exciting for the little ones can help any family overcome this small obstacle and promote a proper dental hygiene. Here are 3 foolproof ways to turn teeth brushing into a kid-friendly activity.

1. Create a Fun Story around the Daily Teeth Brushing Routine


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A long intro explaining the fact that teeth brushing can prevent acid erosion and plaque won?t get you very far. After all, you are talking to children who have a very short attention span. Also, they may be far too young to actually picture the consequences of their actions, especially when you?re using complicated concepts to state the importance of teeth brushing. Instead, try to elaborate a fun, compelling story around peoples? need to brush their teeth regularly. For instance, you could tell them that mean sugar bugs carve holes in the teeth of children who eat too many sweets and neglect the crucial importance of a correct dental hygiene.
Make no mistake: you don?t have to create and tell scary stories revolving around cavities, painful dental treatments and tooth loss to achieve your goals. Sometimes, the most effective stories depend on familiar concepts with a powerful visual and audio impact. For instance, kids can associate brush strokes with the circular movements of a big, colorful choo-choo train. This fun analogy may help your kids link the teeth brushing ritual to an exciting train ride or one of their favorite cartoons.

2. Rely on Your Negotiation Skills and Let Your Kids Unlock Different Favors through Brushing

Let your kids choose their own toothbrushes available in their favorite colors. Don?t forget to buy colorful toothpaste especially formulated for kids with a sweet taste, created to turn teeth brushing into a rewarding experience. Nonetheless, keep in mind that kids are more likely to swallow toothpaste, so opt for a fluoride-free formula. Instead of letting your kids interpret teeth brushing as an annoying chore, let them consider it a mandatory step towards an unexpected prize (a walk in the park, a healthy snack or any other kind of reward that you may want to surprise your youngsters with).

3. Turn Teeth Brushing into an Exciting Activity. It?s no secret that kids love to imitate adults

This is why little girls often try on their moms? high-heeled shoes and red lipstick. Why don?t you use this generality to your best advantage? Show your kids how you brush your teeth and let them copy your example. Smile or sing a song while brushing to convince your kids to follow in your footsteps. If you look happy throughout the entire process, your children will feel more encouraged to replicate your actions. Moreover, you could organize bubble-making competitions or let your kids listen to their favorite songs as they invest time and energy in a brushing ritual leading to healthier, stronger teeth.

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